403 Forbidden in change password

I tried to change the password using this end point but I always received an error.
I always use that password in signing in to admin. but in the API it is always incorrect

POST: {{url}}/api/v1/users/{{userId}}/credentials/change_password
“oldPassword”: {
“value”: “{oldpassword}”
“newPassword”: {
“value”: “{newpassoword}”

“errorCode”: “E0000014”,
“errorSummary”: “Update of credentials failed”,
“errorLink”: “E0000014”,
“errorId”: “oaeMVMzIxvASRCLrAFPIObHog”,
“errorCauses”: [
“errorSummary”: “Old Password is not correct”

I also tried to use the okta sdk for java but I received the same error

Hi @nebnhoj

Are you able to change a password for any other user in your Okta tenant?