Ability to Add Password Expiry Email Reminders


Please add the ability to send password expiry reminder emails to users in addition to, or instead of, the existing ability to display reminder prompts at login.

For some context, we are in the process of implementing Okta and replacing several redundant utilities, one of which allows password changes, but also sends reminder emails to users when their passwords are about to expire.

Okta already includes the ability to display a password expiry reminder prompt when a user logs in (
Security - Authentication - Password Policy: Prompt user - x days before password expires), but it would be really great to also have the option to send an email, as per our current process. Ideally the feature would be check boxes to send an email and/or show a prompt.

As part of this feature it would be great to have the Password Expiry Reminder email available for customisation in the “Settings - Email & SMS” section.

Thank you.


Hi @joelpexa,

It is good feature request, however I will add to Okta Support Ideas sections which has more visibility than this forum.


Seems to already be available in open Beta through the automations framework: https://support.okta.com/help/s/beta?id=kA00Z000000Y569SAC


Thank you, Govner. The automation feature does seem like it will provide this functionality, and seems like it will provide a bunch of useful options as well.
If I could choose though, I’d like the password reminder email to be part of the password policy and in the same section as password expiry reminder on login setting. That way I wouldn’t need to look in a separate config area to configure the reminder email. Also having the reminder email template behave the same way as other existing email templates would be good.