Allow non-http domain names to Trusted domains - okta-signin-widget

I’m working on a Hybrid app with angular and Ionic V4 for my application using custom okta-signin-widget to reach Okta’s servers and ease the login and register of users.Currently its working absolutely fine on web browser on server ( or http://localhost) and communication between the app and okta works perfectly fine but when we deploy the app on Android platform I had cors issues then add https://localhost it works perfectly fine and I deployed the on IOS platform I started having CORS issue as Ionic sending the request from organ the different then http or https. It actually running as “ionic://localhost” I tried to add it to the trusted origins but, to my surprise, non-http domains are not allowed and getting getting a CORS error in my app stating “ionic://localhost” is not valid domain. This is blocking the whole purpose of using okta and Ionic

We followed below examples for custom login page

And we followed this steps for resolving ionic://localhost corse issue but this not working

With the disclaimer that I’m not a mobile dev, do you think you can use capacitor?
It seems there’s a workaround to run ionic apps on okta using capacitor -

Im also having the same issue using capacitor and am looking for a way forward.

It looks like the @capacitor-community/http package works if you are in control of the requests but because I am using this along side the okta widget this doesnt work.

If we were able to add the protocol to the Okta service I believe this would be resolved.@gangadhar if you end up finding a solution be sure to post it here.

We’re looking to gauge interest in this functionality so if you are interested, please vote on this feature request in our Ideas portal: