API to administer 'Trusted Origins'

Is there an API to administer ‘Trusted Origins’?

Security -> API -> Trusted Origins allows for the inclusion of URLs designated as ‘Trusted Origins’ to avoid CORS issues when authenticating with OKTA via javascript/spa browser based applications. Is there an analog in the Administration API?

Not currently. The Developer Console web app calls an API, but it’s undocumented and subject to change.

What’s the use case you are trying to solve? Do you need to programmatically create a number of trusted origin records?

Thank you for confirming for me that there was not a published API currently.

We are deploying single page applications, dependent upon the Okta Sign-in Widget, to numerous environments (e.g. staging vs production). These environments are accessible from unique hosts via our proxy. When initially deploying to these environments an update to the Trusted Origins configuration is necessary.

We are also investing heavily in a containerized infrastructure and progressive delivery process. With this endeavor we are automating everything we can. We would like to automate the configuration of the Trusted Origins as environments are constructed dynamically at times (primarily to support automated integration testing).


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I have the same use case, so would love for automated endpoint to be available.

I’ve logged this as an idea. Please upvote this issue here if you need support for managing Trusted Origins through an API: