API to evaluate Okta rule expression


Do we have an API to test the okta rule expression before creating a rule… This option is there when we create a rule in the console… Can we do this via API? Please suggest

Not sure it exists, but Okta won’t let you create a rule, if your expression is not valid. Worst case scenario, if you need this for some sort of admin UI, which you’d like to build, you can try to create a rule, and if Okta rejects it - show an error. If Okta accepts it - show success and silently delete the rule created.

Hi @sharvesh0306

We do not have a public API for previewing a group rule before applying it. The administrative UI is using the internal API in order to perform the preview operation.

I moved the topic in the Feature Requests section in order to bring it visible to our engineering team and possibly have it implemented in an upcoming release.