/api/v1/sessions/me is not found

I’m receiving the response: “errorSummary”: “Not found: Resource not found: me (Session)”, “errorCode”: “E0000007”, when querying the /api/v1/sessions/me endpoint.

Following this documentation: Sessions | Okta Developer

My header “Cookie” is a cookieToken I received from the endpoint: /api/v1/sessions?additionalFields=cookieTokenz

Additionally, when using the signin widget, I am unable to retrieve the current session details via the authClient (supposed to be okta-auth object):

      var oktaSignIn = new OktaSignIn({
        baseUrl: orgUrl,

        { el: '#okta-login-container' },
        function (res) {
          if (res.status === 'SUCCESS') {
            .then(function(session) {
            .catch(function(err) {


The above code results in a 404 response from https://blend360.okta.com/api/v1/sessions/me

What gives?

Can you do a quick check to confirm that your Okta session cookie is being generated?

  1. Login with your Okta url
  2. Open a new tab (in the same browser window) and paste the url https://{yourOrgUrl}/api/v1/sessions/me (with your org info) in the address bar
  3. If you see a user response then it’s working. If you see a Resource not found error then check if third-party cookies are being blocked in your browser.

For your widget code, are you using an OIDC flow? If not, then you need to use res.session.setCookieAndRedirect(url) to generate a session cookie first (which will perform a redirect). You’ll want to move the session.get() code outside of the if statement.


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I see, so the sign in from the widget is just an auth, it doesn’t set the session cookie. Maybe someone can help me think through this concept then:

I am trying to log in users programatically into Okta in my Next.JS app that contains pages with iframe embeds from an SSO SAML app integrated to Okta.

  1. In my application, I built a login form and submit the login credentials to my own API which submits the credentials to the api/v1/authn endpoint.
  2. I return the sessionToken to the application and set the location.href in the browser to {{org URL}}/login/setCookieRedirect with the sessionToken and redirect URL (welcome page) as query params.

This all works great, and signs the user into Okta and my SAML app, but I can’t get the active sessionId to hit any of the Session API endpoints. I want to refresh sessions as users continue to interact with the application so they don’t hit a wall when the session expires, but I can’t do that without the session ID.

Hitting the sessions/me endpoint from my app does not return the user’s session.

How can I refresh the user’s Okta dashboard session without having the session ID?

You can use the /api/v1/sessions/me/lifecycle/refresh endpoint if you have a frontend (javascript).

You’ll want to set withCredentials or credentials to true so that the request is made with the session cookie from the browser.


THANK YOU! This is mentioned no-where in the documentation.

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