App development discussion

Taking my business online through app development. Confused in between native and hybrid which one to choose.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. My business is of import and export of jewellery.

Hi @ruchikatanwar

Native apps are used primarily for mobile applications, while hybrid flow is used by .NET integrations in which both ID token and authorization code are requested.

What type of application would you like to create and use in your business?

Hi @ruchikatanwar
the decision to have a native vs hybrid app for any business depends upon the performance of the system, UI/UX, cost and time effectiveness, positioning on the app store,and maintenance of the app. Hybrid mobile applications or native mobile app development require market research, need to define elevator pitch or target audience, trace out the competitors, check out app’s key functionality, strengths and weaknesses, unique selling points and what will the audience benefit from them.

Selecting between native, hybrid or progressive web apps also requires a developer to be aware of:

The programming languages they are built-in
Access to native device APIs.
Distribution method.
Multi-platform support.