ASP.Net Authentication just spinning

I’m working with the ASP.Net Quick Start guide - and even tried the ASP.Net examples in GitHub - but whenever I setup an app and try to authenticate, the same thing happens:

  1. Hit controller action with [authorize] attribute
  2. Redirect to Okta to sign-in
  3. Try to redirect back to my app; however, the tab just hangs spinning

I’ve tried adding Okta to my app (ASP.Net 4.x), setting up the Okta demo code from GitHub, and I’ve tried making an app from scratch and applying Okta to it via the Quickstart guide, but in all cases it just spins. Please help!

Hi @eralston

Can you please open a support ticket with us by sending us an email to in order to have one of our Developer Support Engineers assist you in reviewing the integration?