Auth on Backend - NodeJS API

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I have a Web App for appointment in Angular 7, NodeJS which used like API and MySQL databases stack. Want to get closer info about easier way to make a auth login, logout and change password feature with custom login form from Angular because it is my first time to do that. Please help me with that. :slight_smile: I am just a beginner developer. :wink:

App already have fine registration process via WP website on Woo Commerce order hook.
Every registered user have own database (multi-tenant architecture).

Thanks in advance good people!

P.S. I passed tutorials (working sample app) and watch documentation and videos also about auth on YT Okta profile but unfortunately still don’t understand entire process.

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So all of these calls (login, logout, change password) will be made from the backend? Is there a reason you are trying to do this here, instead of client-side? I only ask because a lot of the functionality you are looking for can be achieved on the front end using our Auth JS SDK.

If you’re just starting out, I’d also recommend checking out our sample applications, like our Angular sample app, and our Developer blog, for example this recent post by @mraible .

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Hi Andreas,

Thanks for quick and good answer.
At the moment we have entire app without any login, logout, change password code.

If is easier to do this on Frontend we will do on that way. :slight_smile:
I will check all content which you send to me to better understand entire process of auth.

Will be free to write here more if I have some additional question about Frontend Auth topic.
Thanks again for answer.

All the best! Have a nice and prosper day! :wink:

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