AuthSdkError: Unable to retrieve OAuth redirect params cookie

Okta redirect me to:

The problem:
this error message: AuthSdkError: Unable to retrieve OAuth redirect params cookie
(this problem show sometimes, not always).

To fix, I add a rules in my code “if okta error, redirect to a route where there is also the oktaOktaGuard” : it redirect again to implicit/callback, then all is allright (but it’s not a solution)

two cookies are :
okta-oauth-nonce => wTqT06sTXhaqOSLRj2NfED8C38Df8hsnv5PJsK3SM2Knc3YV2EJMlZtP3RF8Hnfh
okta-oauth-state => eBWI78408GMExgickzzIWRNoctKRaVq0rSXK7TCdaE61ChkIaRrDjRw0pnORYsZG

nothing else.

there is nothing in localStorage.

why there is no params cookie ? it’s seems its name is : okta-oauth-redirect-params but its not in cookies

the error:

if the “okta-oauth-redirect-params” doesn’ exist, its seems the methods not working but there is no error :
in the token.js line 649:
cookie “okta-oauth-redirect-params” and “okta-oauth-nonce” are setted in the samed method : but in my case “okta-oauth-nonce” exist but not okta-oauth-redirect-params

constant : REDIRECT_OAUTH_PARAMS_COOKIE_NAME => okta-oauth-redirect-params
constant : REDIRECT_NONCE_COOKIE_NAME => okta-oauth-nonce

in okta, token.js:
return prepareOauthParams(sdk, options)

.then(function(oauthParams) {

  var urls = oauthUtil.getOAuthUrls(sdk, options);

  var requestUrl = urls.authorizeUrl + buildAuthorizeParams(oauthParams);

  // Set session cookie to store the oauthParams

  **cookies.set(constants.REDIRECT_OAUTH_PARAMS_COOKIE_NAME, JSON.stringify({**

    responseType: oauthParams.responseType,

    state: oauthParams.state,

    nonce: oauthParams.nonce,

    scopes: oauthParams.scopes,

    clientId: oauthParams.clientId,

    urls: urls,

    ignoreSignature: oauthParams.ignoreSignature

  }), null, sdk.options.cookies);

  // Set nonce cookie for servers to validate nonce in id_token

  cookies.set(constants.REDIRECT_NONCE_COOKIE_NAME, oauthParams.nonce, null, sdk.options.cookies);

  // Set state cookie for servers to validate state

  cookies.set(constants.REDIRECT_STATE_COOKIE_NAME, oauthParams.state, null, sdk.options.cookies);