Auto-deprovision Apps with Shared Logins

Hi there,

Perhaps I haven’t noticed an easier way of doing this, besides possibly LDAP/AD integration. When we off-board a user we are left with a fair amount of tasks in the Okta dashboard that requests apps to be deprovisioned. Many of our users use the “Shared Login - Set by an Admin” login scheme.

Is there anyway to sort within the tasks based on login scheme, automatically mark these as deprovisioned based on the last marked setting, or to add a setting to not show for a specific app if the shared login scheme is used? It seems like a process to have to pull up a separate tab to check if that app is a shared login vs. a user-set login that would need manually deprovisioned.

I have also tried to look for a way to utilize Okta’s API to pull a user > Deactivate the user > Pull the apps from the user > and see if I could remove the apps based on a shared login scheme.