Auto-Send SMS/Call/Emails During Login through Okta Widget

Our company’s support desk receives a number of calls from users not realizing that they have to click the Send button for their SMS factor when authenticating through the Okta widget. We receive calls for our other enabled factors like email and phone but SMS is the the highest. For various reasons we’d like to continue utilizing the widget instead of creating custom logins via Okta APIs but we’d also like to be able to auto-send factors for users during authentication instead of having them always needing to press the Send button. Having a way to set a parameter in the widget to auto-send for specific and/or all factors would be nice to have.

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We have asked about this feature as well. Not sure how to upvote something here, but we want this feature to be added to the widget as well.

You could make use of autoPush feature in the Okta Sign in widget to display a checkbox to enable “Send push automatically” functionality in the MFA challenge flow.

We could enable the auto push feature but this is another step for clients. Our desired client experience is delivering this automatically to the client.