Blocked by CORS policy on /oauth2/default/v1/keys

I set up my trusted origin but i can’t access my issuer with browser:

this the error i keep getting from my browser:

       "errorCode": "E0000007",
       "errorSummary": "Not found: Resource not found: default (AuthorizationServer)",
       "errorLink": "E0000007",
       "errorId": "oaeY3J7RipJQ3edLgln-meQUQ",
       "errorCauses": [

Do you have a default authorization server listed under API > Authorization Servers?

No, its empty. can the name and audience of the authorization server be anything and where do i used them? I am using Vue js

so i created an authorization server and was able to fix the CORS issue. thanks for the heads up.

In another unrelated question on custom login, is there any example that has sign up page ? can’t seem to find any. the sample has only login page.

You can enable user registration in your developer console by going to Users > Registration > Enable. If you’re using the hosted version of the widget, you’ll see a sign-up link at the bottom. If you’re embedding the sign-in widget, you’ll need to configure it as a feature.