C# MVC3 and OKTA

We are implementing OKTA in our MVC3 application.

This is a lib that handles the saml configuration https://github.com/Sustainsys/Saml2
which was being followed specifically by this example: https://github.com/Sustainsys/Saml2/tree/master/Sustainsys.Saml2.Mvc

I tried to remove all of the sustainsys.saml2 implementation and go with something from the okta developer examples, but all of the other documented implementations use IdentiyServer not Forms Authentication which is what this project was built on. (fyi: FormAuth has been deprecated in MVC5 and has moved to Identity) so to no avail.

I then attempted to override the user context with a custom principal instantiated found in “Global.asax.cs::Application_AuthenticationRequest” method, which I was successful in replacing the user context but it wasn’t the correct Security Principal (I dont understand how this type of auth / app auth works ) so wasn’t able to get that working properly. Maybe that’s something to continue with I’m not sure.

I proceeded then to go back to the sustainsys.saml2 auth because all it’s technically doing is handling the translation from saml to identiy claims on the HttpContext which according to the docs is all it’s supposed to do. The only thing left is to resolve this HttpContext.User principal issue.

Articles and Examples I’ve tried that didn’t work due to our current project setup.

Can anyone point me in the proper direction for this project?