Can I use the same application for both web and app?

I’d like to use the same application to handle both web and app auth with Okta, this would simplify a lot our workflow

related to this one

right now I need to have 2 apps to handle this

Hi @sibelius! So we can better understand your use case: What part of your workflow would using 1 app simplify? What friction are you running into today?

Yes, this should be possible. I’m using a native app for Ionic (Angular). It works in a browser and on iOS/Android. I just added the redirect URIs for my web app to the app on Okta.

The issue you might run into is PKCE not being available in our React SDK. That support is coming soon.

My use case is like this:

We have a SaaS product (, where each customer could configure their Okta application (web and/or app) to manage their auth using their Okta account

Right now we need that our clients create 2 Okta applications, one for SPA to use with okta-react (, and other to be used on our react native app
For react-native we are using this package to integrate with Okta application, we follow this tutorial from @mraible

This is my account

For web I’m using Feedback House

For app I’m using Feedback House App

I couldn’t make it work well with only one, not sure if I’m missing anything.
I’d like to make this workflow easy for our customers

Hi @sibelius

Would it be possible to send an email to in order to have one of our Developer Support engineers assist you with this use case?