Confusing email verification behaviour

We are building a mobile app that uses PKCE flow to authenticate. However, if the user chooses to create a new account, they get an email sent to their account for verifying their account.

When the user taps on that email either on their phone or from their computer, they get a blank screen. This usually confuses the user, and so they go back and click the email again, now leading to a 404. This then leads to complaints that the registration wasn’t successful, but it turns out that the first click of the link actually was successful in activating their account, but the blank screen caused confusion.

Can someone please explain to me if i’m doing something wrong which causes that blank screen, or if this is a bug?

Any help with my query above please?

Hi @edemmorny,

It looks like you have made changes to sign in widget. Did you?
If yes, can you post your sign in widget code so we can take a look?

Hi @edemmorny

The blank screen usually means that there is a JavaScript error registered. For this particular use-case where the user registers and then accesses the page, on the callback endpoint you would need to re-initialize the authorization flow with Okta to retrieve the JWTs.

Thanks for the response.

I haven’t made any modifications to the sign in widget. I’m just using it as is.

Well, the problem is the user already gets the impression that something has gone wrong when they get the blank page, and tend to stop the registration process altogether. And all developers have been able to replicate this problem, so we believe it’s not just a particular user’s javascript settings etc.

So we really need help on addressing the reason for the blank screen before we can look elsewhere.