Create service app for using OAuth for Okta

How can an Okta admin create a service app which is intended to be used to authenticate via the new OAuth for Okta feature?

As the documentation says the service app needs the token_endpoint_auth_method to be set to private_key_jwt. But there’s is no UI to do so. As well there’s no UI to set the key value.

So how can a „typical“ customer use the new OAuth for Okta feature without configuring via API?

Hi @toni.wenzel

The details need to be updated through API on /api/v1/apps/${appId} via Postman, cURL or any other tool that would leverage http requests and responses.

Will there ever be a Ui for this? Because it seems that this will be the default authentication way in the near future.

Hi @toni.wenzel

At the moment there isn’t, however I’ve moved this topic to the Feature Requests section in order to have it visible to the engineering team and possibly implemented in the future.

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