Creating custom user profile schema property w/ non-default group priority via API?

Before I ask for a feature I want to make sure I’m not missing it…
but I don’t see a property on the app-user-profile-schema-property-object that can be used to create a custom property on the app’s user profile that has a non-default group priority (i.e. “Combine values across groups”) using the Okta API.

Am I missing this? If not I’ll submit a feature request. I’m basically trying to write terraform scripts to automate our app setup process so that it doesn’t require a user log into the Okta admin console for anything except adhoc addition of users & assigning them to groups because our developers don’t have the ability to do the prod setup and writing out a long list of instructions is way inferior to scripting. The Okta terraform provider of course is limited by what API support is available, I didn’t see a way to do it from there and so I checked the API specification and didn’t see anything obvious there either. If it turns out there is a (non-obvious) setting available through the API then I can submit a PR to get it added to the terraform provider potentially.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @kittysempai

There is no current option to achieve this via the Okta API. I have moved this topic to the feature requests section in order to make it visible to the engineering team and possibly have it implemented in the future.

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