Custom grant type


Is there away to create custom grant type in okta and execute my own code on token auth request?

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Very sorry - I could not understand how hooks are related to my request.
As I see hooks provides ability to:

  • Run custom code AFTER token is assign and BEFORE it returned to requester (token-hook)
  • Run custom code to import user process (import-hook)
  • Run custom code on user registration (registration-hook)
    (SAML in not hook I can use)

What I’d like to know is how run custom validation logic (directly in okta or by using external web service) to validate authentication request.

I see that there are OpenId IdP’s integration, but how can I “tell” okta to bind authentication logic on specific grant type?

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Hi @roishabtai

Okta does not have an option out of the box to achieve this use case. I have moved the topic to Feature Requests section in order to make it visible to the engineering team and have it possibly implemented in the future.

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