'defaultcountrycode' not supported by Okta Widget

How can we set the default country code for the phone number in the Okta widget? I have tried ‘defaultcountrycode’, as mentioned on this page ‘GitHub - okta/okta-signin-widget at 7.1’, but it is not supported by WidgetOptions interface anymore.

Which version of the widget are you testing with, and what to what value are you setting defaultCountryCode?

Thanks for the reply.
I am using this version: “@okta/okta-signin-widget”: “7.1.0”.
I was trying to change it to ‘CA’, instead of default value ‘US’ and "defaultCountryCode: ‘CA’ " was working earlier before updating the version.

Hi @andrea, I know this is old thread, but can you please help with this. My earlier question was if “defaultCountryCode” is not supported by Okta in version 7.1.0, but I checked now and it is working fine with config type as ‘any’. But if I added the type as ‘WidgetOptions’ it is throwing typescript error for ‘defaultCountryCode’. Here is the error I am getting:

error TS2322: Type ‘{ useClassicEngine: true; el: string; defaultCountryCode: string; baseUrl: string; authParams: OktaAuthOptions; clientId: string; redirectUri: string; i18n: { en: {}; fr: {}; }; … 38 more …; flow?: FlowIdentifier | undefined; }’ is not assignable to type ‘WidgetOptions’.
Object literal may only specify known properties, and ‘defaultCountryCode’ does not exist in type ‘WidgetOptions’.