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I am searching for a way of disabling Okta emails (all kinds of emails: activation, password reset, account unlock and others). I found that the security notification emails (new sign on notification email, MFA enrolled notification email, MFA reset notification email, report suspicious activity via email) could be easily disabled, but I found nothing about the other ones. If there is a way of doing that, after they are disabled is there an available endpoint to trigger them on demand?


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We have same question when we add users they are sent email. Can we disable it ? Also edit it?


Anyone has answer? from /admin/settings/emails#emails is no option

Hi @Agets1981

The email notification will not be sent if using the Okta API to create user in staged status (active=false) and then activate him with sendEmail=false query parameter.

Under Admin >> Settings >> Emails & SMS (if using the developer console, please switch to Classic UI from top left corner), there is the following email template that you can modify:

Hi @Maria

Regarding your question, this is not possible at the moment. I have moved this topic to the feature requests section in order to make it visible to our product management team and have it possibly implemented in the future.

Thank you for the reply. But not using API, but Okta importing users?
All these emails like Maria mentioned are problematic if not able to disable from Admin console…

Hi @dragos,

this is still not possible right now?