Dynamic customer specific deployment URL links for SSO


We are HealthFeed, a cloud-based SaaS software for the Healthcare market. HealthFeed is a multichannel patient/member engagement solution.

We are very new to Okta. We have implemented our first project, which is a SSO SAML integration with Okta. The integration is working well on our staging environment.

This may be a very simple question for the pros on this forum but we have been unable to figure this out ourselves. As a SaaS solution, we use different URLs for the customer’s deployment based on which server the customer deployment is hosted on. For e.g., Customer ABC’s deployment will be on https://abc.myhealthfeed.com. Customer DEF will be on https://def.myhealthfeed.com. Customer XYZ will be on https://XYZ.myhealthfeed.com.

It doesn’t make sense to release a new app into OIN for every one of these customer deployment URLs. I guess the right thing to do here is to release one app for our entire application and the customer puts in his/her deployment URL at the time of configuration of the HealthFeed app downloaded from OIN. If that’s the case, then not sure.

The app that we now have working in staging contains these URLs: Single Sign On URL, Recipient URL, Destination URL. We are trying to figure out how these fields should be set such that it works dynamically based on the customer’s deployment URL. I’m guessing there is a dynamic value substitution trick/setting that we’re probably missing.




Typically SAML apps that will be installed on the OIN will also include a set of instructions that each Okta customer will follow when setting up the SAML Trust with your application. Here are some sample SAML guides for OIN apps.

Below are a couple of useful OIN links,

You can also contact oin@okta.com
This group handles the submission process can help answer any specific questions.

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Hi Erik, thanks the pointers! – Sai.