Email Notification when assigning existing okta user to an application


Just wanted to know is there way to send email notification to the end user when admin assign the respective user to an existing application in Okta. So that if any we have multiple application for different set of users and want to add existing Okta user to a separate application then user should also get notified that he got the access privilege to the new application.

Hi @PriyankaPaul3012

When a new application is assigned to a user, he or she will get a notification on the end-user dashboard. At the moment, we do not have a way to send this notification via email, however I’ve added this topic to the Feature Requests section in order to be reviewed by the product team and have it possibly implemented in a future release.

Hi @dragos,

Thanks for sharing the information.Yes it will be helpful to have this type of feature in near future.

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Hi @PriyankaPaul3012,

Though the email cannot the sent from Okta, you can use event hook ( to call a webservice whenever a user is assigned to an application in Okta.

If you are licensed to use Okta workflows, you can use the feature to send out the emails from Okta (all done within Okta).

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Hi @rajnadimpalli

Oh ok, that’s great.As of now I don’t have licensed version. I will upgrade my account and try with Okta workflows .Thanks for your information.

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