Event Hook for Policies

Hey, so, I’ve been testing the event hooks to force logout the users in my application when they do the logout from okta portal. I already make this work registering the event hook for “user.session.end”, but I also have a policy that forces logout on okta after 30 minutes, as you can see in the picture below:


The event type is “policy.evaluate_sign_on” and this one isn’t allowed to register on event hooks. Also, I checked if after this policy ran trigger the event for “user.session.end”, but doesn’t.

There is some solution to at least to generate the event “user.session.end” when I have this kind of policy?


Hi @lucaslorensetti

Unfortunately no, the policies do not create an event for the end of a user’s session in Okta. I have moved this topic to the Feature Requests section in order to have it reviewed and possibly implemented by the engineering team in the future.