Event Hooks User Activated doesn't work as expected

I was trying to use the event hook implementation to be informed whenever a user is confirming his account. That for I setup the event hook subscribing for “User actived” event.

After a lot of try and error (the documentation is crap I think) I got the thing working in the meaning that I verified the endpoint and getting events. BUT I get the wrong events instead of getting informed whenever a user activates his account I get a event every time I create a user.

From my point of view that is a bug, isn’t it?

Can you provide me with additional information? Maybe I do something wrong?

If you need some more information please feel free to ask.

Thanks in advanced

Hi @awagner

Can you please open a support ticket with us at support@okta.com in order to have one of our Support Engineers assist you in reviewing the event hook configuration and the responses received by your server?