Getting stuck in /implicit/callback black screen

Hi Okta,

@okta/okta-react”: “^3.0.7”,
“react”: “^16.13.1”,
Using Hooks version of API with useOktaAuth

So I am making this APP and I been facing the two most annoying UI bugs which I can’t seem to figure out. One is randomly I will just get stuck in /implicit/callback with a black screen when using the LoginCallback React component provided by the sdk. This is a really bad user flow because, to fix manually you have to basically hard refresh or clear the tokens. The other bug is I think when the tokens expire (I think) I get is AuthSdkError: Could not load PKCE codeVerifier from storage. This may indicate the auth flow has already completed or multiple auth flows are executing concurrently. which I am assuming is due to the token expiring? but shouldn’t that just make the user log in again, why does it go to a black screen just showing that text. I really just want control of these pages to tell the user that they been logged out at least so they know to relog. Below are code snippets on how I am using the application

 <Security {...oidc}>
              <SecureRoute exact path="/">
                    <Dash />
...other routes...

Config Settings for Security Provider:

    disableHttpsCheck: false,
    scopes: ["openid", "profile", "email", "groups"],
    pkce: true,
    redirectUri: `${window.location.protocol}//${window.location.hostname}/implicit/callback`

@andrewpaulino Can you please refer this issue on GH?
The error and SDK version you post is very similar.

It is still an open thread. You can follow up the suggestion in the link.