Golang SDK support


Are there any plans to release an official Go SDK ?


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We are looking at adding golang support. Can you help me understand what you are attempting to do in go?

Our SDKs are divided into two sets. Management SDKs and Authentication SDKs. Management SDKs are used for managing objects within Okta. CRUD on resources. Authentication SDKs are used for working with the Authentication API, OpenID Connect/OAuth 2.0.

We haven’t started this work yet, so timelines are solid enough for me to publically say anything yet. But I would love to understand your use cases.

Hi Tom,

I want to secure a go based gRPC server API deployed using Istio and
Kubernetes kops within AWS.

We currently use Okta within the company for our IT needs so using Okta as
the ID provider would be a great advantage.

Ease of use for the integration and ecosystem CLI tools is really important
as well. So for example being able to use curl or a CLI tool to generate
JWx tokens for testing our Go validation code needs to be simple simple
simple. The docs look to be auto generated swagger and not at all useful
outside of basic reference materials. Most of the docs are a tangled maze.

I have to say using Okta on the integration side is proving to be opaque
and will force us to become OpenID experts. To be honest Auth0 are way
ahead in that regard.


Thanks for the feedback. You should be able to use any JWT library that supports JWKS to protect your API with Okta.

We are only about 6 months down the developer tooling path, these things time to build up. Starting with a base, we will build up to having middleware (like Okta has in Springboot) that is configuration based and removes the need to know a lot about OpenID.

Need for the Golang SDK +1