Google cloud certificate not deleted after app is deleted


we have a problem withi SAML SSO for Google cloud platform where it doesn’t work trough IdP-initiated SSO. Gsuite SSO works fine though. I did some research on both apps and found out that certificate that Gsuite is using doesn’t match GCP one. To make it more interesting, certificate for Gsuite is generated in 2020 and for GCP in 2017. When I deleted GCP apps (we had multiple for testing) and created new one, it would still use the same certificate from 2017. Obviously that’s the problem and I couldn’t find anything inside API documentation how to force delete application certificate once the app is deleted. Is there a daily job that runs and deletes certs when application is deleted?

I opened a case but support engineer says I can’t make GCP to reuse certificate from Gsuite. He also said GCP and Gsuite certs should match, the question is why they aren’t in my case?