How can I create a two-step login experience with Okta SSO? (like the one used by Google products)

I have a requirement here with an explicit two-step login process, whereby a user logging in must enter their email address then click Next – a validation is run to see if the user’s email is in the registry or not.

  • If the email IS in the user registry, the user is presented the second form: to enter their password and click Submit.
  • If the email is NOT on the user registry, the user is re-routed to the Sign-Up form.

[I believe] the purpose of the requirement is to consolidate the two familiar processes for “Sign In” and “Login” for users.

My questions for this community are…
Q1. Can this be built using Okta SSO?
Q2. And if yes, how exactly?

I can’t find this case in the documentation anywhere, so I am interested in documenting it here for the community.

I recommend one of the two option:

You could build an app that does it for you by using Okta’s API to confirm the existence of the user

You can enable self registration which is an easier option however they have to click a link to do so.

Alternatively you could create an app that does the 1st but redirects the user to the self registration page.



Alternatively you could also edit the custom login page to do 1st but redirects the user to the self registration page.


Solved. Thank you for this prompt and pragmatic solution, AB :mechanical_arm: