How to disconnect from Okta when pressing Logout in Swagger

I have a .Net Core 6 web api, which I have integrated with Okta and Swagger.
When I bring up the generated Swagger document, I can Authenticate through Okta by pressing the Authorize button to bring up the Authorize popup. When I enter the Client ID, check the Scope and then press the Authorize button on the Authorize popup, I receive the Okta login. I enter credentials and hit enter and am returned to the Authorize popup. The popup shows that I am Authorized. I can now invoke my endpoints with no problem.

However, when I press the Authorize button to bring up the Authorize popup and then press the Logout button, it appears to only invalidate the Access token. If I close the popup and then go through the steps above to Authenticate, I no longer receive the Okta login prompt. In fact, if I go to my Okta Development site, it doesn’t prompt me for credentials either.

It would appear that when Swagger invokes the Okta token endpoint, I receive the Okta login prompt (only if I am not already logged in).
Has anyone been able to determine how to get Okta to log the user out when they press the Swagger Logout button?
I’d like to be able to log in with various user’s credentials to test roles without having to go to my Okta Development site and Logout from there.