How to get more claims in /userinfo endpoint


Hi I am trying to get userinfo using the call “https://dev-{oktaID}” and I am sending the access_token in this call.

But I am getting only “sub” property in this as:
“sub”: “00uhzsq8pw5e6bWGe0h7”

But I want more claims like name, email. Please suggest how do I get more claims for /userinfo endpoint


Any reply on this please?


Do you have to map the attributes to these variables via profile editor?


Have you tried with hitting the same endpoint with an id_token token instead?
Have you tried going directly to the users api and retrieving it using an apiToken token?

Also does it work ok if you remove the default and use and id_token?


Here is the answer that worked for me,
In order to add new claims to appears on your Okta org’s /userinfo endpoint, please go in your Admin dashboard to API >> Authorization Servers >> default >> Claims tab. From here, please select “Add Claim” and, in the section “Include in token type”, select “ID Token” and “Userinfo / id_token request” instead of “Always”.


What response type are you using that is returning claims in userinfo?