How to properly use Jetpack Compose inside BottomSheetDialogFragment?

I use BottomSheetDialogFragment with LazyColumn, and if to scroll LazyColumn list DOWN then everything works as it should, but if to scroll LazyColumn list UP then Bottom Sheet Dialog scrolls instead of LazyColumn list. Seems like BottomSheetDialogFragment intercepts user touch input.

How to properly use Jetpack Compose LazyColumn inside BottomSheetDialogFragment?


class MyBottomSheetDialogFragment : BottomSheetDialogFragment() {
        override fun onCreateView(
            inflater: LayoutInflater,
            container: ViewGroup?,
            savedInstanceState: Bundle?
        ): View {
            return ComposeView(requireContext()).apply {
                setContent {
                    Column(horizontalAlignment = Alignment.CenterHorizontally) {
                        Text("Header", color = Color.Black)
                                .fillMaxWidth()) {
                            items(100) {
                                Text("Item $it", Modifier.fillMaxWidth(), Color.Black)

And show it using this code:

MyBottomSheetDialogFragment().show(activity.supportFragmentManager, null)

When we used the XML RecyclerView list, to fix this issue we had to wrap the RecyclerView list with NestedScrollView like described here, but how to fix it with Jetpack Compose?