How to remove orphan users?

In one of our test okta account, there are some orphan users. API does not find those users only in the OKTA Admin GUI, if an administrator clicks on the user name hyperlink, the browser would popus page 404 not found error.


–Guang Do you have a screenshot for those users in Okta Admin GUI?
Have you tried to delete them? If you click one of them, what is the user status?

Hi Lijia,

Thanks for the quick response. I have the screen capture from the admin UI showing user status and the 404 error.


–Guang Hi, it looks like the user is deactivated and it is expected to see 404 status code if a user has already been deactivated.
You can refer more details here
For removing this type of user, you can try the solution here


I tried those methods but did not work. I think I know how this happen. Would deleting the Group with API causing this issue eg. user not longer accessible? I could create another user with the same email address.


–Guang For the reason how this happened, you can open a case through an email to and request a log file for this user.

@Lijia Okay, Thank you! I will send an email to for this issue.

Thanks all the help!