How to use your custom email activation links within the same account using different applications

We are thinking about implementing Okta within a big organisation that has several brands under it, therefore we need the possibility to use different email templates per account/applications

Some brands would use the hosted redirect approach, others the full Spa approach just using Okta Apis.

The problem comes with the email templating, I managed to have the forgot password link pointing to our Spa page just changing completely the link and just leaving the token at the end, but It seems that you can only have one email template per account no per application.

How can we achieve this within our organisation, do we need an account per brand ? if they need different accounts, can they share users among them?

Is there a way to configure the links with a configuration link per application or something like that?


Hi @esolanas

Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not support this scenario. I have moved this topic to Feature Requests in order for our Product Management team to review it and possibly implement it in a future release.