I Want enable MFA in my application

I want implement Application level MFA ie. once user validate user credential from application database then okta MFA prompt to be enabled.

I already setup and role in developer console
I already tried with following postman API.

please suggest which sample codebase need to follow it.

@jaykumar Hi, please see the below reference of operations to enroll, manage, and verify factors for multifactor authentication (MFA). It includes the request example and expected return.
Here is a very good demo for how to setup MFA and verify it with postman.

@Lijia This one I already gone through I want to enable SMS authentication or google authentication too

Even I am getting below error When I try to {{url}}/api/v1/authn. I am getting below CORS error

@jaykumar Did you add local host 4200 to Okta trusted origins?