Identity Provider documentation links 404 not found

Several identity provider documentation links are resolving to a 404 page. For example, from the Add Identity Provider modal dialog, the “View the Apple Setup Instructions” link (pictured) is rewritten to 404 Page Not Found | Okta Developer

This seemed to start happening around the time the new UX theme for the page was rolled out. The correct link appears to be Add an external Identity Provider | Okta Developer

A few days ago, it seemed to be happening for the Google modal as well, and at least one Google search result for “okta ____ idp” was 404’ing as well, so it seems you may be aware of this and fixing it already. But just in case, I wanted to share.


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Thanks for the report Patrick! We have a fix for this already completed and going out with the release next week. In the meantime you can find the documentation here: Add an external Identity Provider | Okta Developer

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