Idp Discovery with Resource owner password credentials flow

Our application uses Okta and logs by using the resource owner password credentials flow. Some users need to login using a different identity provider. We have configured routing rules so that users with a specific domain use a specific provider.

I know this can be done by using the widget and setting idpDiscovery: True in the widget, but using the widget is not an option for us.

Is there an API for Idp Discovery? Can Idp Discover be set by using the token endpoint?

Hi @marlonr

Unfortunately, we do not have a public API to achieve this use-case. I have moved this topic to Feature Requests section in order to make it visible to the engineering team and have it considered in a future release.

This seems to defeat the purpose of Okta - how are we supposed to make use of different identity providers if Okta cannot discover which Idp to use for a user? What is the point of routing rules? Are they just ignored? Is there any way around this?