Infinite loop with react + react-persist

I’m using the package '@okta/okta-react' and everything is (was…) ok.
I added 'react-persist' to my project and now I have an infinite loop of redirects from the homepage to the /implicit/callback route with the error

`Unable to retrieve OAuth redirect params cookie`

I tried to blacklist ‘auth’ on my persist configuration, like this:

const persistConfig = {
  key: 'root',
  blacklist: ['auth']

but the issue is still there. any idea?

It sounds like there’s something in react-persist that causes this problem. I’m not sure what you’re experiencing is an Okta issue.

Yep, for sure it’s something in react-persist that doesn’t work as expected, I’m just trying to understand what it is and wondering if someone else had the same problem before :smiley: