Is something changed recently - API bearer token not working anymore?

Spring boot application was working fine couple of weeks back. Same code is not working without any code changes. Is it something changed recently?

Below is the sample code:

I was able to use principal.idToken.tokenValue as Bearer token and authenticate the API. Not any more and getting 401. Is it something changed recently, if yes what is the new approach to get bearer token from authenticated user/principal?


Yes, something did change recently. However, as far as I know, most changes are related to the app-creation process through the developer console.

  • New apps are no longer assigned to the Everyone group by default
  • Trusted origins are no longer created by default
  • Redirect URIs no longer have defaults
  • The UI has navigation changes. Now it’s Directory > Users instead of People > Users

On the upside, the Okta CLI still works as it did before for creating apps.

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