Java 1.6 with OkTA

I have developed a rest API web service using Java 1.6.

I need to integrate the web service with OKTA authentication.

I am having client I’d, secret, audience, issuer details.

Can you please provide any documentation or code snippets to integrate okta with web application (used Java 1.6).
help me on this.

Have you at all looked into our Spring Boot Starter? I do want to note that we recommend using Java 8+.

Hey @Manoj1!

My recommendation if you are using an old stack is to stick an API gateway in front of it, for example, something like this:

That said, Java 1.6 has been EoL for a while now (2013, unless you have a support contract), most libraries now require at least Java 8, which means if you are stuck on 1.6 you wouldn’t be getting security patches. It’s hard to build secure code on top of this type of setup.