Java web app(JSF with jdk 1.6) (no Spring) Okta integration need one sample working example

Hi, I am trying to integrate Okta authentication to an existing java web application implemented using java’s servlet-api. There is no quick start example for “Generic Java” option using Okta Sign-in page (please see below). Since our application is a web application, is Okta Sign-in page option the right way to proceed? Are there any examples available? Thanks!

There is a Servlet sample that demonstrates using okta-auth-java.

This is probably more then what you want since you handle the entire flow manually. Once authenticated you would have an Okta session, but would still need to do an /authorize for your application to acquire access/id tokens which I assume it is the end goal.

For a Servlet Web App you would probably want to either use the Widget or simply build your own /authorize call and redirect the user to the Okta hosted login.

I don’t know of any Okta server side libraries that would take care of handling the redirect call and exchanging the auth code for tokens without using our Spring SDK. There might be some other libraries that would work.

is saml 2.0 libraries not work for the above integration

There are SAML 2.0 libraries you could use, but Okta does not provide any like is does with the OIDC SDKs.

hi erik
i am new to this integration,can you please help me how i can use saml lib with my JSF app(no spring) to integrate okta for sign in