Many password inputs don't work with extended ASCII

Have a password with extended ASCII characters. e.g.:


  1. Go to “edit” in my settings.
  2. I enter my current password to change it (which I know is correct, as I could log in seconds ago)
  3. I enter “New password” and the confirmation.
  4. I click “Change Password”

Expected Behaviour
The password changes

Current behaviour
The current password is invalid.

My running hypothesis is that every form that is not the main login is sending the password note encoded with the appropriate encoding.
This is what I think is happening:

> urllib.parse.quote_plus(u"£".encode("latin-1"))
> urllib.parse.quote_plus(u"£")

Can you open a Support case for further assistance and so someone can confirm what character set is supported and if you’re running into a bug on this form? You can either create one in the Help Center or email