Meet Okta: Phoebe

:wave:t4: I’m Phoebe from the Okta Community team. I joined Okta last year, and my team’s responsible a few communities – the Okta Help Center, Ideas (our product feedback forum), Social Support, App Reviews + Ratings, and this Dev Forum is our newest addition to our portfolio. Before Okta, I was at facebook leading a community support team, and prior to that, at Salesforce in San Francisco on their customer community team. Back on the East Coast where I was born and raised, I worked at all kinds of companies from startups to big enterprises like Johnson & Johnson. Up until 10 years ago, I was in internal/employee communications, then changed my career to focus on community management and strategy.

When I’m not community-ing, I love spending time with my family (husband and 11YO son), reading, watching movies, and being outdoors. I enjoy scotch, French pastries, and all the nomz. Look forward to getting to know you better as we make this Dev Forum a more valuable place for you! :blush: