Missing Core Okta API Functions: Get All Tokens for a User

Problem: There is no way to easily Get All Tokens for a Single User.
The current workaround requires 1+N API calls per user, where N is the number of apps assigned to a given user.
First, Get A List of All Apps Assigned to a User (Apps | Okta Developer with a filter, like /api/v1/apps?filter=userid eq ).
Then for each app in that list, Get All Tokens for a User and App’s Client Id (Users | Okta Developer).

There should be a single Get All Tokens for a User endpoint that takes in a filter if you want to filter it by App Client Id, App name, etc, but in its unfiltered state, returns all Tokens assigned to the User.

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Please see the following post about how to create a feature request for our Product team: How to make a Feature Request

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