Multiple Directories Sessions

Hi there,

I would love to have the capability to switch between directories/sessions/tenant without having to re-authenticate.

Pretty much what Google does today, for example:

That will allow the users to authenticate to multiple directories/tenant and be able to switch between them without punishing the user experience.

I am doing some research about this, but I couldn’t figure out what useful tools from Okta I could use to accomplish my task.

Do you have any materials about this topic?

Thanks in advance.

Is the plan to have multiple apps within your Okta account?

Are you referring to multiple Okta Applications?

If so, I am not sure if that will be needed yet, but I would love to pick up on what you are thinking could be a potential issue.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by directories/tenants then. Could you please expand on this?

A tenant would be a group of users that belong to a particular Identity Provider.

I think this in Okta would be two separate Okta accounts, and I will have to deal with knowing which Okta tenant I suppose to use.

I think I understand now. Why don’t you leverage the claim on the user called organization? This would help you bin your users to the right tenant.

Hi @alchemist_ubi

I’ve moved this topic to the Feature Requests section in order to make it visible to the engineering team and have it possibly implemented in a future release.

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That wouldn’t help you to have the experience from Google, which is what I am interested about.

How do you know which tenants you have been authenticated against already?

After doing some research, it seems I will have to develop a session manager for sessions, having a mapping of One Session to Many IdP Sessions.

Google uses /u/:session_id/* to identify the current active sessions, example; where 0 represents the position of the sessions.

I am not sure how much Okta could offer for such use case, hopefully we can get something for free since this will enable a really nice user experience.