No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin'

I am developing a SPA (Single Page Application). I am trying to make some Axios calls for acquiring some properties(such as “lastLogin”, “FirstName”, “LastName”, etc) of the user that has logged in into my app. I did the following steps:

Although, if I make the call through my Browser or Postman works fine. It returns a JSON object. But not within my apply. According to the Okta’s documentation it is CORS enabled.
Hopefully you can help me with that.

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Hi @quinterocar

Can you please send us an email to in order for one of our Developer Support Engineers to further review the configuration?

Hi @dragos,

I actually sent an email a couple days ago. I am still waiting for a response. I just thought maybe it was a good idea also to post my issue here on the forum, so that way other developers could help, or be aware of this issue.

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@quinterocar Did you ever get any info on this? I am running into the exact same issue.

If you are still stuck then try removing the ‘/’ from the end when you add it to trusted sites. Okta checks if the slash is included or not and can reject the site is the slash is not included.

Did you get any solution? please respond

Hi @Montapas

Can you please provide a snippet of your code and a screenshot from the browser JavaScript console?

 this.signIn = new OktaSignIn({
       * Note: when using the Sign-In Widget for an ODIC flow, it still
       * needs to be configured with the base URL for your Okta Org. Here
       * we derive it from the given issuer for convenience.
      clientId: xxxxx,
     // logo: '/assets/angular.svg',
      i18n: {
        en: {
          'primaryauth.title': 'Sign in to Synchub',
      authParams: {
         responseType: ['id_token', 'token'],
        issuer: this.oktaBaseUrl,//sampleConfig.oidc.issuer,
        display: 'page',
        scopes: sampleConfig.oidc.scope.split(' '),


Have you added your application’s domain as a Trusted Origin for CORS requests in Okta?

No and client will not allow this. Can you please help me how to use web sso for angularjs i found one solution but getting 404 error after authentication

Hi @montapas

In order to have successful authentication inside the Angular application, you must enable CORS as the Angular SDK uses front-end channel (browser) requests in order to communicate with Okta and retrieve the user’s details.

Alternatively, you can create an API gateway which will forward all /userinfo endpoint through a back-end channel (server), removing the necessity for CORS enablement. This will also require a custom getUser() method.

Thank you for your reply. I have implemented back end and and also cors still getting same error
Suppose my angular js url is localhost:4200 and api url is localhost:8080/api.

What url will be in trusted site?

Pls help

Hi @montapas

Can you please open a support case with us through an email to, mentioning the Okta tenant, application ID and an uncensored screenshot from the browser’s JavaScript console? One of our Developer Support Engineers will take over the ticket and further assist you.