O365 Push groups other than Security

Hi there,

We have recently been pushing out Okta and wanted to put Office365 suite that would integrate with our on Prem AD. Unfortunately have hit a bit of a hurdle as it seems you can only Push Security Groups via Okta in Office365, which isn’t the greatest as we can’t really do anything with them as our environment is still on Prem AD.

The ideal workflow we where looking for was:

CSV comes in from HR with new starters
Users get created via on boarding script
Part of this script puts them in AD groups we are syncing with Okta
Okta pushes those users into O365 thus creating the accounts
The AD groups we are syncing with Okta would also push them into our O365 tenant (which we would make them members of pre existing D-lists and O365 groups)
Finish the onboarding script, complete hands off after pushing the button the script.