OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials authentication for SCIM Provisioning

We’re looking to integrate provisioning with OKTA using SCIM-Based Provisioning Integration

We would like to use OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials.

We see mentioned in the above page that Okta supports authentication against SCIM API’s with OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant Flow. It says later on that Okta doesn’t support OAuth 2.0 Resource Owner Password Credentials grant flows. But as I mentioned, we want to know if SCIM integration supports OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials grant flow, or if there are plans to support it in the future.

Hi @lent

As we currently do not support Client Credentials flow for SCIM integrations, I have moved this topic to the Feature Requests section in order to have the feature reviewed and possibly integrated in the future by the engineering team.