Okta API for security image


I want to build a custom login component using Okta API and exploring an option for listing and updating security image for user object.

Please let know whether any API available for displaying available Okta images and updating the same to user profile

Unfortunately, this API isn’t exposed publically yet :frowning:

I’ve moved this question into Feature Requests

Hi Tom,
I think this is exactly what I am looking for.
Basically I am able to authenticate to my OKTA account and getting the user info like email, profile etc. There is no way to get the security image using Okta client sdk.

This is my code:

OktaSettings settings = new OktaSettings();
settings.ApiToken = “token”;
settings.BaseUri = new System.Uri(“url”);

        OktaClient client = new OktaClient(settings);
        AppsClient app = client.GetAppsClient();
        UsersClient clients = client.GetUsersClient();
        User user = clients.GetByUsername("my username");

The user object is retrievied but I am not able to get the security image from there. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!