Okta-auth-js session.exists issue fixed?

Good morning.

So basically I’m trying to use okta-auth-js to check if the current session exists. If I’ve only one tab of my application opened, the session.exists returns to me “true”. But if I open more than one tab of my application, that starts to return false on the inactive tab.

I checked on github and there is a issue open there, but without any answer until now: https://github.com/okta/okta-auth-js/issues/140

There is some way to do that verification on front-end side? I need to check if the user logout from okta portal. If it is, I need to force logout on my back-end.


Hi @lucaslorensetti

Can you please send an email to developers@okta.com to have this issue further investigated by one of our Developer Support Engineers?

Sure. I’ll send, Thanks.